Our simple process to ensure you get the perfect event

Step 1 - The right format for your audience

The perfect tasting is not just about the wine.

It's about enhancing the experience of whatever you are doing.

So whether that be a birthday...

client entertainment...


or a bridal shower

Let's work out how we make that experience better, because of your fantastic tasting.

Give us a call and let's get this sorted.


Step 2 - Venue

We can organise one of our regular venues, or we can come to you.

We've run tastings in...


...private houses


...even on a boat!

Let's work out the best place for what you're looking for.

If we do come to yours, we'll arrange a site visit prior to the tasting.

That way we can provide the very best setup for your particular venue and be super efficient on the day!

Step 3 - Wines & cheeses 

Choose from one of our popular themes, or come up with something yourself. 

Regardless of whether you choose a theme or design something custom...

...the wines will be specifically picked for your event.

We're not allied to a particular winery or producer...

...therefore we guarantee you'll get the best wines for your unique occasion.

Wine glass

Wine grapes

Step 4 - A little bit of 'oooh!'

Do you want to play a blind tasting game?

Would you like formal tasting notes to help your group know a little more about what they are tasting?

Would you like a lucky door prize?

Whatever will give your event a little more 'oooh!', let's do it!

Step 5 - Sit back & relax

We're wine professionals with over 20 years of experience. You're in good hands!

Our combined experience includes...

judging at Royal wine shows...

holding a Masters in Viticulture...

featuring in publications such as Good Food...

leadership roles in the corporate world... and

pouring over 100,000 glasses of wine (yes, honestly!)

You can find out more about the team here

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