Which way do you swirl your wine glass?

So which way do you go?

It seems like a silly question at first, but we're keen to know – which hand do you use to swirl your wine glass? Further, which way do you swirl? Clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Swirl me baby one more time? But which way?

We've heard that (apparently) women swirl with their left hands and men with their right. But is this true?

Truth be told, gender plays no part in the swirl question at all, and it is more about your dominant hand. For right hand dominant swirlers it seems anti-clockwise (or swirling away from you) is the most natural choice, whilst left hand swirlers go clockwise. For the ambidextrous freaks out there? Well, you probably swirl both ways.

But does that play out with you?

Of course, if want to embrace some alternative theories, we should be choosing our swirl direction based on whether we want to smell fruit or ‘the spice shelf’.

I’ll leave you to decide that one…