Why you should take Moscato seriously

When Kanye West, Drake and Lil’ Kim are singing about a wine, you just know it’s hot right now.

Moscato is definitely where it's at. With 20.5% annual growth, clearly everyone is enjoying a little more moscato in their drinking diet, with the biggest growth category young (under 35) female drinkers.

Despite this surge in moscato love, it still suffers from an image problem. Simply put, no one takes this sweet, slightly fizzy, low alcohol wine seriously. No one.

But you should. 

You should, because moscato's combination of juicy, primary fruity goodness and a little fizz makes it incredibly refreshing and thirst quenching. 

You should also take moscato seriously as the low alcohol also means you can drink more of it (hooray). What's more, the fruitiness helps make moscato the best breakfast wine on the planet (we've tried).

But ultimately you should just take moscato seriously because its delicious. A deliciously underrated wine style, that Australia does so very well, and cheap given the quality on hand.

Go on, dive in to a moscato today!

Want to taste a really good moscato? Come along to one of our tastings where moscato regularly features.

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